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08 February 2004 @ 05:03 pm
I'd like to share two poems that have been written by a fellow student at the university. Her works amaze me for their craft of word and metaphor. Often while reading them, I felt like listening to a deep, sonorous echo coming up from the depth of the ocean. She is studying music, maybe that's why her poetry has its very own hue of sound and rhythm. In this first poem, it was especially the last stanza that moved me.

The Girl Who Would Be King
S. Jung

I was Lady Knight
when I was a child.
I was Joan of Arc, and Samson
(never Delilah). I was
the girl who would be king.

I was both daughter
and sister but I knew
I would never be
mother and wife.
And then I became both
for a while for
another woman.

I am one of many faces.

Lend me a coat
and I will put on a new gender.
I will be Cesario
for your Duke Orsino.
I will be Viola
for your Lady Olivia.

My music is love, burning,
a fiery allegro, then piu lento,
the embers a silent adagio.
Will you let me
caress you with
my songs?

I am the sea
drawn by the moon,
yet never touching it
except in my dreams.

I am a wanderer slipping
through the folds
of time and space.
Under the incessant
white noise of the universe,
I can hear the crystal
sound of the spheres.

Up in the sky Ganymede is still
revolving around Jupiter.
Up in the sky I can see the
many-coloured rings of Saturn
and Venus, scalding hot
under her stifling cover of clouds.

When I click my heels three times
a wormhole opens up at my feet,
taking me through the
infinite vastness of space
to a parallel universe where
girls can one day be kings
and I can be all
that I am.

The sound of
a white feather falling
onto mossy ground
and the constant
murmur of the tide
will then let you know
that I have arrived.
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Current Music: Stolen Child (Loreena McKennitt)