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23 February 2004 @ 02:30 pm
notes & poems  
As February's newmoon is past, I hereby close the posting period. The next submission week will commence on the 13th of March. notasalmon - could you please give us the new challenge? To spice up the time in between our postings I will share some more goodies for writers. Of course, all of you are invited to jump on the band wagon ^_^. What's your favourite poem or story? Did you ever come across an interesting/witty/funny interview with some renowned writer? Feel free to show it.

Below you'll find one of my favourite poems by Carl Sandburg. I'd like to attach a question to this: has anyone of you ever tried poetry-writing? Did you find you prefer prose? If so, could you give any reason why?

Goldwing Moth
by Carl Sandburg

A goldwing moth is between the scissors and the ink bottle
on the desk.

Last night it flew hundreds of circles around a glass bulb
and a flame wire.

The wings are a soft gold; it is the gold of illuminated
initials in manuscripts of the medieval monks.
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