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08 February 2004 @ 05:06 pm
2nd poem(s)  

Rites of Passage

Born at the dawn of time;
raised in a time and place
that does not fit my soul.

Searching, hanging suspended
between yesterday and tomorrow.
Trying to break free from an armour
bestowed upon me against my will.
Shattering to pieces - again -
and rising once more
from the ashes.

Stretching upwards to reach the sky,
then letting go and suddenly
floating in space and time.
And maybe one day reaching
an equilibrium to end that
wearying cycle of living
and dying and rising again
cloaked in yet another shape.

Only the soul always
remains the same.


And because I'm leaving through my collections: here's a nother one, by a different author:

N. Fillip

To the God in Hinduism who is in charge of rebirth etcetera:

Dear Sir or Madam!
In this life,
I was born as an idiot.
You've got to make up for that.
In my next life,
I want to be the ocean!
angelhunter on February 8th, 2004 04:15 pm (UTC)
All three poems are wonderful! I liked the rhythms of the two poems by S.Jung. Those made me HEAR the words in my head while reading - something that doesn't happen often with me, when I read poetry.

And the last one just made me smile. BIG SMILE!